About FAFSA Tracker

The FAFSA Tracker is a free application created by Data Insight Partners to support the advancement of Nevada students towards college and career readiness.

Data Sources

FAFSA Application Counts - downloaded daily from the U.S. Department of Education ( Link).

Nevada High School 2023-2024 Enrollment Counts - downloaded from the Nevada Department of Education (Enrollment for Nevada Public Schools).


There have been numerous research studies demonstrating the importance of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to college matriculation:

THE FAFSA PROJECT: Results from the H&R Block FAFSA Experiment and Next Steps

The analysis suggests that pre-population and assistance with the FAFSA has a substantial impact on the likelihood of submitting an aid application. Most importantly, the program increased college enrollment rates the following school year. Enrollment rates increased 30 percent among high school seniors and 20 percent for young adults already out of high school, with particularly large results for those with annual incomes less than $22,000. The program also increased the percentage who received a federal student grant.

Article - THE FAFSA PROJECT: Results from the H&R Block FAFSA Experiment and Next Steps

What Works Clearinghouse Review of Study

Resources for Students and Parents

Resources for Schools

Nonprofits to Support

The Public Education Foundation


The Public Education Foundation administers a variety of scholarships to help students pursue higher educational goals. In many cases, the scholarships make the college and university experience accessible to students who might not otherwise dream of a college education. The Public Education Foundation offers more than 260 different scholarship opportunities for Southern Nevada’s high school seniors to attend both in-state and out-of-state schools.

Their scholarship donors are corporations, associations, organizations, foundations and individuals who want to create a brighter future by encouraging education. Each donor has the opportunity to determine the criteria of their scholarship and plays an active role in selecting the scholarship recipients. The Foundation provides professional assistance in establishing the scholarship funds at no cost, including advertising and promotion, clerical support, and an awards recognition luncheon in May. The luncheon gives the donors and scholarship recipients the opportunity to meet if they haven’t already done so during the selection process.

By May 2017, the Foundation will have awarded over 6,000 scholarships totaling more than $11.5 million.

United Way of Southern Nevada

United Way of Southern Nevada

One of United Way of Southern Nevada's goals is to improve graduation rates across Clark County, particularly in the most disadvantaged schools.

During middle school, they help students gain academic skills and increase school participation. In high school, they provide students with resources to stay on track to graduate and explore college. Through these efforts, United Way of Southern Nevada can create a positive cycle of education in our community.

United Way of Southern Nevada is helping students graduate by supporting programs that:

  • Improve school participation through access to needed supports for school-aged children and youth.
  • Build academic skills in school-aged children and youth.
  • Increase life, career, and college skills for school-aged children through out-of-school time and/or enrichment opportunities.
  • Create environments that promote and support college and career pathways.

Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training (LIT) is a grassroots college access and community empowerment non-profit organization with the vision to empower East Las Vegas students to become first-generation college graduates and the next-generation of diverse leaders who change the world. Through college access and attainment, critical consciousness development and leadership development, Leaders in Training is a 9-year comprehensive program that empowers students through high school, college and as alumni in order to empower them to become the change from the community, for the community.

The Fulfillment Fund

Fullfillment Fund

At Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas, they open young people’s eyes to the possibility of higher education.

By providing classroom instruction, one-on-one college counseling and experiential learning opportunities, they show young people the steps to take to access a college education, and change their beliefs about what they are capable of achieving.

The Fulfillment Fund's multi-pronged approach to college access is founded on consistent relationship building with students to ensure they reach their highest academic potential.